This Arab travel vlogger is exposing Chinese crackdown on Uighur Muslims

One of the excuse that’s thrown around whenever this subject is brought up is “it’s all Western propaganda to defame China” no matter how much evidence you provide to the contrary.

Well, an average Arab travel vlogger Joe HaTTab (with over 2 million subscribers) who travels over the world to different countries went to the Urumqi, Xinjiang region and Idkah mosque in Kashgar and what he saw there leave nothing to doubt anymore that Chinese are re-enacting a Muslim holocaust and it’s horrifying how they’ve completely destroyed the Muslim culture there through fear, intimidation and pure torture. Watch the videos (contain English subtitles and voice)

If anyone still denies it and calls Western propaganda, you can safely assume they’re working for Chinese Communist Party.


I begged them to kill me! – Mihrigul Tursun tells of the atrocities Chinese commit against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

A heart-wrenching account of Uyghur Muslim detained in Chinese “political reeducation” camp. She tells the horrors she had to face at the hands of Chinese in the modern day reenactment of holocaust against Muslims.

“‘Each time I was electrocuted, my whole body would shake violently and I would feel the pain in my veins.”

China obviously denies the charges and resorted to character assassination of the victim. At first, Chinese completely denied the existence of such concentration camps but after satellite images showed the existence of a vast amount of such camps, China finally confirmed and called them “reeducation camps”.

We don’t know the full extent of these horrors and human rights violations that Chinese are committing against a minority group in Xinjiang against Uighur Muslims. These unlucky victims just give a small taste of the reality that Uighurs have to face everyday.


Pakistan economy to get worse, dollar depreciation continues

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise but it’s still quite alarming. Just look at what Arshad Sharif – the renowned journalist who exposed Nawaz Sharifs London properties and deeds – has to say.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the open market and dollar is already trading at an all time high, hinting at incoming devaluation of rupees further.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hoard dollars or hold on to your money in other countries for a little while until the rupees depreciates to its value that IMF wants Pakistan to devalue to.

Just don’t let anyone know about it since it has become a crime in Naya Pakistan to hold on to dollars and save yourself from the devaluation of rupees – Thanks Imran Khan and Naya Pakistan.

Remember this?

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– Imran Khan at a protest against inflation in his opposition days.

Naya Pakistan was a lie

We apologize to all of our readers who we urged to vote for Imran Khan.

Naya Pakistan turned out to be a lie. Imran Khan ever since coming into power has taken a U-Turn on almost all of his promises and many things aren’t even on his agenda anymore.

It seems Imran Khan is another scumbag politician who promised the world and then didn’t bother to deliver.

The status quo he promised to fight is now part of his cabinet.

That’s right. Zardari cabinet is now Naya Pakistan Imran Khan’s cabinet.


Saleem Safi Memes

The lifafa journalist Saleem Safi was recently exposed for posting fake documents to support the “simple life and honesty” of convicted criminal and mafioso Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in Adyala jail. People all over the country started meme’ing him and exposing him for the fraudulent journalist he is. Here is a collection of those for your amusement.







Imran Khan’s Speech as Prime Minister Elect gives hope and glad tidings

The impossible happened in Pakistan on 25th July 2018. The mafia that had grasped Pakistan’s throat with its iron claws was defeated spectacularly. This is the first time Pakistanis have heard of any good news in 30+ years.

Imran Khan, chairman PTI, won majority seats in national assembly and came second in Punjab assembly, the country’s largest province by number of seats. PMLN – the Pakistani mafia’s party – was defeated and came in second in national assembly thanks still to the election fraud they could do.

Imran Khan speech as future Prime Minister wooed people all over the world being broadcasted live with translation and gave hope to the people of Pakistani for a better future. Pakistan is home to the world’s most corrupt politician alive today according to BBC News Hub and for 30 years, the prime minister of Pakistan, Godfather of Pakistani Mafia Nawaz Sharif.  It took Imran Khan 22 years to fight this mafia and put an end to their oppression, his speech on July 26 gives the message that good trumps evil in the end and even someone as powerful as Godfather Nawaz Sharif can be defeated.

Imran Khan FIRST press conference 26th July 2018 | BOL News


10 reasons why everyone needs to support Imran Khan in Elections 2018

Election day is tomorrow 25th July 2018 and this post is just a reminder of why we need Imran Khan to win and become the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

1. Imran Khan can conquer challenges

Imran Khan can perform in the face of adversity and opposition and conquer challenges. His whole life has been a story of performing against adversaries whether it was becoming a cricketing legend or starting Pakistan’s first cancer hospital or fighting against the Mafia of Pakistan. Nothing has been easy for him, Imran Khan doesn’t know easy.

Rebuilding Pakistan after the destruction caused by rule of 60 years of corrupt politicians and mafias will be his hardest challenge but if anyone can do it, we know it’s him.

2. Imran Khan has always done for Pakistan what no one else has

The country is known for its craze for Cricket but you would be surprised to know that Imran Khan has won Pakistan the coveted World Cup and he is the only person to have done this. That’s right, 26 years since 1992 when Imran Khan’s 11 won the World Cup, Pakistan has failed to win it again. The only thing Pakistani cricket team has won after that are corruption allegations, match fixing accusations and the death of their coach Bob Woolmer – leading to a lot of controversy with rumors he was murdered.

That isn’t his only contribution to his country. Pakistan didn’t have a cancer hospital even decades after its inception. He made the country’s first cancer hospital from his own money and donations from poor people!.

Remember that the government at the time didn’t help Imran Khan in this noble cause but instead banned him from TV so he couldn’t ask for donations and made it hard for him to make this cancer hospital. It was the government of Benazir Bhutto that blocked his fundraising campaign! and the country considers her a saint. Surprised?

3. Imran Khan made corruption an issue

Before Imran Khan, Benazir and Nawaz were tossing Pakistan’s government in each other’s laps without worry of anyone else. They looted the country without any fear of repercussions and their propaganda machine was strong. They destroyed the country’s education system so illiteracy and idiocy would be at its peak and none would be wiser. This is the reason why both tried their best to stop Imran Khan from coming into politics, they were scared and afraid of Imran Khan!.

Imran Khan is the only soul in Pakistan that openly spoke about corruption and struggled to make it an issue!. It took him 22 years but the nation is waking up and realizing how PPP and PMLN have destroyed the country through their corruption.

4. Imran Khan is Saadiq and Ameen

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared him honest! This is a rare thing to see in a country full of corrupt politicians and even rarer for someone in Imran Khan’s position.

5. India is afraid of Imran Khan

India doesn’t want to see Imran Khan as a Prime Minister. Indian media has been writing in favor of the convicted criminal and head of Pakistani Mafia Nawaz Sharif and bashing Imran Khan. Do i need to tell you why India is afraid?. Because for the first time in Pakistan’s history, an honest leader who can’t be sold will come into power and this scares India. Pakistan has been known for its list of corrupt and scumbag politicians who had no respect for themselves much less for the country, Imran Khan is different.

6. Imran Khan is fearless and a patriot

He brought all his assets into Pakistan. He even divorced his wife because he wanted to spend his life in Pakistan and his wife wanted to in England. If that doesn’t spell patriot, i don’t know what will.

Imran Khan was the only politician in Pakistan to speak against America when America wanted to impose ban on Pakistan. He is fearless, how could he not be ? He faced the Godfather of Pakistani mafia Nawaz Sharif and that takes a lot of courage.

7. PMLN and PPP are symbols of corruption and founders of Pakistani mafia

In any civilized country today especially in the western world, the leaders of PMLN and PPP would be rotting in jail. They have lied to, looted and reduced Pakistanis IQ to idiotic level so they can hold on to power forever. They have made basic human rights the focal point of their election campaign and failing to deliver every time when Pakistan should have moved past that decades ago. The focal point of election should have been Kashmir, environment and Islam not basic human rights!

They have ruled the country for more than 30 years – almost an eternity. You would be a fool to think another 5 years is going to be any different.

PMLN narrative is anti-Pakistan, anti-army and anti-Islam. They are saying the language of Indian media.

8. Imran Khan is pro-environmentalist

His project – The Billion Trees Tsunami – has been praised by the international media and given as an example for the western world to follow. This is a rare thing, Pakistan never does anything positive and Imran Khan did it.

We need more trees, Pakistan will face its worst famine and drought in the coming years. Pakistan is the worst country that faces global warming. Nobody even cares for the environment! except Imran Khan.

Pakistan will become inhabitable in just a decade if more projects like billion trees tsunami aren’t done and Imran Khan knows this and he is doing it.

9. We need Imran Khan

We need Imran Khan to put an end to Pakistani Mafia, to stop corruption, to plant more trees, to raise our voice in international forum, to stop our military from being martyred at the hands of Indian military everyday, to give us back the lost respect that crooks like Nawaz Sharif took from us – Our prime minister Khaqan Abbasi was stripped naked in American airport by a low level security guard, that’s the respect western countries have left for Pakistan!.

We need Imran Khan to speak to Trump without holding a paper, we need a fearless leader like Imran Khan that can talk to a person like Trump.

We need Imran Khan to increase the intelligence of Pakistan so they can finally realize that there is a life besides struggle for food, that humans aren’t in this world to struggle for food and basic human rights – it is what animals do!. PMLN and PPP have destroyed the intelligence of Pakistan to the point that dangling a plate of rice will make them sell their respect!. We need Imran Khan to give dignity back to these people so a plate of biryani will not make them sway their minds.

10. There wouldn’t be another Imran Khan

Pakistan generated one Quaid-e-Azam and there wouldn’t be another. Pakistan made only one Imran Khan and there wouldn’t be another. Pakistan morality has been destroyed to such a low level that we can’t produce another honest leader like Imran Khan. Pakistan is now producing scum like Nawaz Sharif at a record level, look at any survey and you will see that corruption has become okay for Pakistani nation, in another 5 years, can you imagine what else will become okay for Pakistani nation?

If Imran Khan doesn’t win this 25th July, there is no telling what PMLN/PPP will do to Pakistan, to the morality of Pakistan.

Do not sell your soul for a plate of biryani, vote for Imran Khan!. Don’t follow what your ancestors did, they didn’t have the knowledge that you have, they were living in dark ages, they were victims of PMLN/PPP propaganda, there was only one channel PTV which spewed propaganda, they didn’t have internet. You do! You have seen the corruption of PMLN/PPP, vote for Imran Khan.

If Quaid-e-Azam hadn’t won 14th August 1947, Pakistan wouldn’t have come into existence.

If Imran Khan doesn’t win 25th July 2018, Pakistan will not survive. Pakistan will become another corruption ridden African country full of poverty,famine, struggling for basic human rights.

Allah has given us a chance, use it to reject the oppression of PMLN and PPP. Vote Imran Khan

Shehbaz Sharif’s Punjab healthcare exposed – A man dies in front of TV Anchor

Shehbaz Sharif – the brother of Godfather Nawaz Sharif has been known to make ridiculous claims and lies about how he has changed the Punjab and one of the lies is about the healthcare. In the video below, you will see how a man dies in front of TV anchor because there was not a single doctor present in the whole hospital to give first-aid to the man who just had a heart attack.

Keep in mind that Shehbaz Sharif claims to have made hundreds of hospitals across Punjab (none of which is good enough for their treatment) – well you can see what the condition of those hospitals are, that is the ones that are actually truly made and not lies. The Sharif brothers are known for their blatant lies so out of the hundred hospitals made, they probably made 0 new hospitals.

Watch how the TV anchor loses it and curses the crook of Punjab – something every poor Pakistan does everyday.

Light goes away during Maryam Aurangzeb Press Conference

Do you think this will make people realize that these crooks are all liars and thieves who never did anything for the country? NOPE. Don’t forget this is the former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting and in the press conference, she is defending Nawaz Sharif.

In any civilized country, an incidence like this would lead to more than just embarrassment but in Pakistan, this doesn’t change anything. People still love the Godfather – the thief and crook of Pakistan. Watch the press conference and learn how to be confident in the most embarrassing of moments like it is nothing

BBC HARDtalk – Dawn Media Group Hameed Haroon EXPOSED – Facebook trolls are ISPR!

You read the title right. The friend of Godfather Nawaz Sharif when asked for proof “establishment” was involved in rigging elections; gave Facebook trolls as proof.

Watch the hilarious video where Dawn Media Group Hameed Haroon gets ripped a new asshole!. Kudos to Stephen Sackur of BBC News for asking the right questions against these crooks.