Year: 2018

Saleem Safi Memes

The lifafa journalist Saleem Safi was recently exposed for posting fake documents to support the “simple life and honesty” of convicted criminal and mafioso Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in Adyala jail. People all over the country started meme’ing

Imran Khan’s Speech as Prime Minister Elect gives hope and glad tidings

The impossible happened in Pakistan on 25th July 2018. The mafia that had grasped Pakistan’s throat with its iron claws was defeated spectacularly. This is the first time Pakistanis have heard of any good news in 30+ years. Imran Khan,

10 reasons why everyone needs to support Imran Khan in Elections 2018

Election day is tomorrow 25th July 2018 and this post is just a reminder of why we need Imran Khan to win and become the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 1. Imran Khan can conquer challenges Imran Khan

Shehbaz Sharif’s Punjab healthcare exposed – A man dies in front of TV Anchor

Shehbaz Sharif – the brother of Godfather Nawaz Sharif has been known to make ridiculous claims and lies about how he has changed the Punjab and one of the lies is about the healthcare. In the video below, you will

Light goes away during Maryam Aurangzeb Press Conference

Do you think this will make people realize that these crooks are all liars and thieves who never did anything for the country? NOPE. Don’t forget this is the former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting and in the press conference,

BBC HARDtalk – Dawn Media Group Hameed Haroon EXPOSED – Facebook trolls are ISPR!

You read the title right. The friend of Godfather Nawaz Sharif when asked for proof “establishment” was involved in rigging elections; gave Facebook trolls as proof. Watch the hilarious video where Dawn Media Group Hameed Haroon gets ripped a new asshole!.

Nawaz Sharif is treated in a ‘shabby manner’ at Adiala jail: Shahbaz Sharif

If this was from some movie scene, it would be hilarious to read but no, the former Chief Minister who is the brother of the crook Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in jail for corruption actually complained to the