This is MafiaLeaks

This is MafiaLeaks and its purpose is to expose the Mafia that is run in Pakistan by the Godfather Nawaz Sharif, his allies Asif Ali Zardari and the elites ruling country.

Through our platform you can report any injustice of these crooks and you can be sure that your voice will be heard and not judged because we believe in transparency and truth.

This site was acquired and re-purposed for Pakistani mafia. One of the major issue in Pakistan is the suppression of free speech and all the major websites/social media in Pakistan are run by elites sympathetic to these crooks who silence anyone who dare voice the injustices the people experience everyday in Pakistan.

Indeed, the author of this website experienced this throughout his life in Pakistan. Pakwheels, Brain Net are two such corruption sympathetic sites that inspired this website to be born.


Every wrong will be exposed here whether it is by the Godfather or any corrupt mafia sympathetic site, unpopular opinions and truth can’t be suppressed anymore!.

Mafialeaks will stand against the corruption! Pakistan has corruption in its roots, Mafialeaks will expose corruption present in all its forms so the healing can take place, NO MORE silencing the truth, NO MORE LIES