Anderson Am-15 Review: Guide On Specs & Features

Want to purchase an Anderson AM15? Looking for an Anderson am15 review? Then you have come to the right website.

Today, we will be talking about Anderson am15. In that, we will cover, Anderson am15 optic ready review, Anderson upper receiver reviews, and much more.

But before the actual review begins, let’s talk about: What is a Anderson AM15?

Just, a few years back, Anderson added the AM 15 Sniper Rifle to their self-branded rifles lineup. The AM15 Optic Ready has so much to offer at affordable prices. This high-quality gun is high quality and promising. 

Anderson Manufacturing Am15 Review: Know Its Benefits, Features, And More!

AR-15 models have a great consistency, are competitive, and have an overall good feel. After purchasing this weapon, you may feel that you have won a lottery because of its quality and affordability. 

Yes, it is better than other so-called expensive rifles because it handles better. We feel this is the best choice when it comes to handling both the 5.56 NATO and .223 REM cartridges.

It is not only versatile but also has a wider array of available ammunition.

We can go on and on…!

anderson am15 review
anderson am15 review

And yes, we have so many things to talk about Anderson AM 15. That is why we have shared detailed information on AM 15, which talks about the main details, design, features, and more.

So let’s begin with the Anderson am15 optic ready review.

1. Safety Features

The AM15 comes with a standard safe and fire switch. And anyone can reach it from the grip.

Coming to the design, it is quite comfortable and compact. That means you can keep a good hold on your gun while changing the safety or fire positions.

Pretty good right?

2. A2 Style Grips, Handguard, Flash Hider

The threaded 16” stainless steel rifle barrel also comes with a 7” carbine length A2 style handguard.

And guess what?

It is easily replaceable for a different length or custom design!

If you have smaller hands, you can hold them perfectly without any problem. Aside from this, it also includes a flash hider and does the task really well.

Though these are some small features, you will surely appreciate them.

3. 6 Position Adjustable Butt-Stock

It won’t be wrong to say that this rifle is pretty versatile. All thanks to the adjustable buttstock. Additionally, it is best for various body sizes, shapes, and shooting scenarios.

You can fire with this gun which boasts six points of adjustment. And if you wish to replace it with a new customized piece, it slides off easily.

Thus, AM 15 is super easy to use when it comes to sights and stances.

Guys! It’s a total win.

4. Pinckney Rail

This gun is a complete Optics ready option due to the integrated Pinckney rail. Furthermore, it gives a ready-to-option solution for those who prefer other sighting techniques.

Plus, there is no need to invest more money because you can attach an entry-level Tru-Glo Red Dot, and you are good to go.

Accuracy, ease, and quality! You will get all these three at a lower price.

5. Ejection Port Cover

The ejection port cover is one of the most important parts of the rifle. Keeping it well hinged keeps grime, dirt, and dust from entering the inner part of the rifle and keeping it in good shape.

You can even open and close it whenever needed. If you live in an arid climate or dusty environment, this rifle is just for you. 

6. Bolt Catch

The bolt catch sits flush with the aluminum lower. It can only stop the bolt’s travel but also enables it to get locked to the rear once you empty the magazine. You will face no issues with this unobtrusive bolt.

anderson am15 review
anderson am15 review

7. Forward Assist

If a round does not completely seat in the chamber, the Forward Assist comes to the rescue. It is considered a left-over from the mil-spec days.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, Forward Assist is used as a backup for an issue that is needed in combat.

8. Magazine Release

Isn’t a smooth magazine satisfying? It is located in the perfect position, feels easy, and keeps your finger from slipping. What more do you want?

But avoid dropping it in the dirt!

9. Open Trigger Guard

You need a pin in place trigger guard from an opened Trigger Guard.

What does it mean?

You can swap the trigger guard with anything you like. And we must say that the best feature about this gun is how it can easily get customized. 

It comes with a basic trigger, which feels solid under the finger and is the perfect size for a small hand.

10. Optional RF-85 Treated

The also has an RF-85 treatment and is said to be a famous claim to fame.

You can easily clean your gun with soap and water. Plus, it keeps you from having to lube it.

What’s more?

85% less friction and 23% faster action are guaranteed!

Now, let’s take a look at the spec chart so that you can understand it in a better way.

Length32 ½ inches – 36 ⅛ inches
Caliber5.56 Nato, .223 REM
Weight (unloaded)6.2 lbs
Rifle Twist1:8
Barrel Length16 inches

This was all about the specs and features of the Anderson AM 15. Do you want to know Anderson am15 problems and more? Then have a look at its pros and cons below!

Anderson am15
Anderson am15

Pros Of Anderson AM 15

1. Multi-caliber option offers consistent shooting of both the .223 REM as well as 5.56 NATO.

2. Incredible shooting value

3. M4 profile barrel has a 1:8 twist for a wide range of bullet options 

Cons of Anderson AM 15

1. You need to add your own optics, which increase its overall cost 

2. 7” Carbine Length Handguard

Anderson Upper Receiver Reviews

Anderson is always looking to make improvements. So you will be intrigued by their tactical weapons. This company has been making rifles like AR 15, AM 15, Uppers, Lowers, and more.

There is something different about Anderson Company that makes them very bold because their rifle does not require lubrication. And it is only because it is treated with RF85.

And in 2015, they took possession of Anderson Lower and Upper. And here, we are going to talk about the Upper, which is a thing of beauty. Of course, each upper has the RF 85 coating.

Moreover, the Anderson Upper is as accurate as any other 16-inch barreled rifle. It is tough made as well as good looking equipment. 

So you can confidently buy the Anderson Upper from this company because the statements they make are really true.

But you must be wondering, which Anderson upper should I buy?

Continue scrolling to find out the six best upper receivers:


SKU: B2-K602-A001 


SKU: B2-K602-A000








SKU: B2-K600-A000-0P

Want to keep your Anderson AM 15 neat and clean? In the next subtopic, find out how to clean and maintain your beloved riddle.

Steps On How To Clean Anderson Rifle

  • Separate the upper and lower part of the rifle.
  • Put your rifle in a sink or a big tub full of hot water and dish soap.
  • Plunge the barrel just like you clean a muzzle loader.
  • Soon, you will notice carbon coming out of the fun.
  • When you feel the gun is super clean, wipe the bolt group.
  • Dry the gun

And voila, your gun is completely dirt free. Now, go back and try practice shooting. It will run like a well-oiled motor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most commonly asked questions related to Anderson AM 15:

1. What Is The Difference Between An Ar-15 And An Am15?

Though AR 15 and AM 15 look cosmetically similar, there is a huge difference. Manufactured by Anderson, AM 15 produces materials at cheap costs. They sell most of their parts at very low costs.

Coming AR 15, it is built by Colt. The components used in both rifles are completely different. Furthermore, it is roughly modeled after CAR 15 and M16.

2. Is Anderson Ar 15 Good?

Yes, the Anderson AR 15 is a great rifle. It is not the best. But it has got some pretty sick features.

3. Are Anderson Am15 Any Good?

The Am 15 is neither exotic nor fancy. Plus, there is not much to talk about this weapon. But, one good thing about this gun is that it won’t break the bank and works fine.

4. What Caliber Is A Am15?

The am 15 multi cal has 30+1 Rounds, 16’’ Barrel, and 223 Remington.

5. – When Should I Put A Scope On My Ar 15?

Put an Anderson am15 scope when making precise shots at targets in distance. You can use a combination of both, use a powered variable scope or purchase two rifles.

Summing Up

We hope our Anderson am15 optic ready review guide is helpful. You will be happy after buying the Anderson Manufacturing AM15 line of rifles. It is consistent, has great quality, has precise design, excellent backup, has no issues, and needs no oiling.

In our opinion, it is the best entry-level rifle. If you are a serious shooter, just go for it, pal! Furthermore, you can customize it using truly awesome upper receivers. Come back to our website for more stuff related to high-tech weapons.

Good luck!

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