Benelli Nova Vs Supernova: Know All About Upgrades And Modification!

Thinking of updating your shotgun collection? We bet that you must be considering some Benelli productions and face the dilemma of Benelli Nova vs supernova!

Many brands have introduced many shotguns with amazing features but nothing has surpassed the Benelli’s Nova and supernova versions, which makes it difficult for the users to select one out of the two.

Discussing all the proprietary designs and technological development of these two shotguns, this article will clear all your doubts and decide which is gonna go into your collection! So, let’s get started.

Difference Between Benelli Nova And Supernova

Nova and supernova are the two best versions of shotguns manufactured by Benelli. The Benelli supernova is considered to be the advanced version of the simple nova.

Being a version higher than the traditional one, many people get confused if the purchase would be worth it just because of some new features that actually seem very similar.

Hence, let’s clear some doubts by presenting you with a clear difference!

Less flexible comes with a one-piece stock receiver.Better in flexibility, has three different stocks to switch between.
Doesn’t have a shim kit attached to it.Supernova comes with a shim kit
Lightweight weighs around 7-8 pounds.Slightly heavier than the nova version, 8-8.5 pounds.
The trigger is short and sometimes difficult to operate with ghost ring sight.The trigger pull is comparatively long and smooth.
The receiver has less pleasing looksThe receiver looks more pleasing
Affordable in priceExpensive than the Benelli nova

Upgrades are an important part of whenever someone purchases a gun. What’s that like in the Benelli nova and supernova?

Benelli Nova And Supernova :Accessories, Upgrades, And Modification

Accessories and upgrades vary in both. In Nova, you can find guns with two configurations of 12 gauge and 20 gauge.  While in a supernova, you get choices like having a tactical or semi-auto gun.

Both have some accessories available like the sling attachments, quick detach, recoil pads, magazine followers, sights, etc. It’s the quality and price that differ.

Hence, you can modify both your nova and supernova using many upgrades as they don’t differ much in this aspect.

If you are still unclear, this next bit would throw away all the skepticism.

Benelli Nova Vs Supernova
Benelli Nova Vs Supernova

Benelli Nova Vs Supernova Insights

What better judge than honest reviews about the quality of a product? Hence, here’s a detailed review of both Benelli nova and supernova which would be the ultimate deciding factor on what’s best!

Benelli Nova Shotgun Review

This particular version of the pump-action shotgun by Benelli comes in two configurations, 12-gauge and 20-gauge which would be later discussed.

On one hand, it will come with smooth and balanced action, the capacity of being water-resistant and extremely durable and reliable,

But on the other, you get to face Benelli nova problems like not having a lot of customized options available for it as well as its aftermarket parts are pretty expensive! You would get a better idea by reviewing its specific qualities.

Benelli Nova Price  

Benelli nova easily comes around at the price of $500 to $700. With all its high-quality features, the price is all worth it!

Benelli Nova Shooting Abilities

This one is definitely a long shotgun. With a smooth shooter that fits 3.5-inch long shells, you would love its feeling and performance.

Also, it swings well. Aggressive ribbing on the pistol grip and forearm provides a secure hold on the gun under any circumstances.

Benelli Nova Vs Supernova
Benelli Nova Vs Supernova

Benelli Nova Reliability

This gun has good reliability. Even for constant usage for 5 years, you would still be able to put hundreds of shots through all the snowstorms and even beyond mountains.

The gun is a nearly indestructible pump shotgun that’s ideal for all-around rugged use. Constructed with corrosion-proof polymer over-molded on a skeleton framework, it has unsurpassed strength and weather resistance.

Benelli Nova Re-Assemblings

If you ever want to open your gun and reassemble it, it would be very easy in the case of Benelli nova. When you want to break it down, just remove the barrel, and push out the receiver pins and main bolt from the main receiver housing.

In case of assembling it back, perform the same steps in the reverse and you’re done!

As told earlier, Benelli nova has two main configurations to purchase from. All these have similar quality reviews, it’s the technicalities in figures that make them different.

Here’s a quick view of them too:

Benelli Nova Two Main Configuration Review

Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Review       

Holding a capacity of 4+1 rounds, this traditional 12 gauge pump action shotgun has a 28-inch chrome-lined barrel and high recoils making it weigh around 8-9 pounds.

This gun is for someone looking for a durable item, that can work smoothly for up to many years.

Benelli Nova Vs Supernova
Benelli Nova Vs Supernova

Benelli Nova 20 Gauge Review    

A 20 gauge Nova configuration could hold up to 2-3 inches of shotshells. With a 24-inch barrel, fully cylindrical and choked, it weighs around 7 pounds and has low recoils. It’s ideal for people looking for lightweight guns. Plus, it’s low in price, only $559.

Now that you know enough about the nova version, let’s know something about the latest supernova!

Supernova Shotgun Reviews

The Benelli Supernova shotgun comes in two forms, tactical and semi-automatic. Tactical is the self-operating gun while semi-auto is something level up and is just operated differently. So, let’s see what a supernova has inbox!

Benelli Supernova Price

Owing to its advanced status, a supernova model costs around $600 to $1000. Online buying can prove a little more expensive than directly buying from a local gun store near you!

Benelli Supernova Shooting Abilities

The supernova’s accuracy in shooting surpasses any other gun. It’s a 24-inch rifled slug barrel that can take up to 3-inch shotshells. The only effort you need to do is to set the pump-action correctly and you will have some smooth shots.

Supernova has a comforteth, that causes a 48% reduction in the recoil and hence, weight over your shoulder decreases whether you’re shooting many small rounds or big 3.5-inch rounds.

Benelli Supernova Reliability

This comes with no doubt that all the Benelli shotguns are reliable. Supernova has very less chances of malfunctioning and works excellent for cycling lighter rounds.

Even if you encounter some kind of difficulty in its functionality, it might only require some cleaning and it would work fine again.

Benelli Supernova Re-Assemblings

Supernova has the quality of easy breakdown and cleaning like no one else. It’s stripping absolutely no tools and you can break it down whenever necessary. You just need to pull out the two main pins from the receiver by separating the trigger assembly and forearm.

Benelli Nova Vs Supernova
Benelli Nova Vs Supernova

If you are specifically looking to buy supernova and are confused between its tactical and semi-auto version, here’s a quick review to help you out!

Supernova Tactical And Semi-Auto Version Insights

Benelli Supernova Tactical Review     

Benelli supernova tactical military-style ghost-ring sights give it a very vibrant look. It’s super light, strong, and resistant to weather and water.

Its top is drilled and tapped to accommodate easy attachment of various optics and steel base inside to make sure it’s solid enough to handle anything around 3-1/2-inch Magnums.

Benelli Supernova Semi Auto Review

With similar features to the tactical one, it’s the look that makes people buy semi auto one. Benelli semi-auto shotguns come with rose and scroll nickel-finished receiver and gold bordering.

It gives a unique engraving on each gauge along with a glossy blued barrel and receiver top cover. Also, it has 5 choke tubes instead of the normal 3! However, all these features come at a good price range of $1000-$1500.

Henceforth, be it nova or supernova both would give you tremendous results. Supernova model is clearly the winner with its more advanced features and better reviews but nova is no less.

If the supernova exceeds your budget, you can always go for the Benelli nova which is affordable and has equally good technical features!


1. Is The Benelli SuperNova A Good Shotgun?

Yes, Benelli SuperNova is a must-buy if you want a cornerstone addition to your gun collection.

2. Is The Benelli Nova Reliable?

Benelli nova is extremely reliable. Since it’s durable for a long period and resistant to rust and water, it works really well for years.

3. Where Is Benelli Nova made?

Benelli nova is made in Italy and manufactured by units of Benelli since 1990.

Final Words

To conclude, Benelli nova and supernova models are the famous two in the shotgun family over which people get confused. However, the supernova wins the race between the two.

It has more chokes and capacity of rounds than the nova. More pleasing looks and a royal vibe makes people want it more. Although, it’s a little expensive and can exceed your budget.

That’s where Benelli nova comes to the rescue as it has the same number of features with a little less upgrade and is also affordable! So, you can go either way.

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