I begged them to kill me! – Mihrigul Tursun tells of the atrocities Chinese commit against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

A heart-wrenching account of Uyghur Muslim detained in Chinese “political reeducation” camp. She tells the horrors she had to face at the hands of Chinese in the modern day reenactment of holocaust against Muslims.

“‘Each time I was electrocuted, my whole body would shake violently and I would feel the pain in my veins.”

China obviously denies the charges and resorted to character assassination of the victim. At first, Chinese completely denied the existence of such concentration camps but after satellite images showed the existence of a vast amount of such camps, China finally confirmed and called them “reeducation camps”.

We don’t know the full extent of these horrors and human rights violations that Chinese are committing against a minority group in Xinjiang against Uighur Muslims. These unlucky victims just give a small taste of the reality that Uighurs have to face everyday.


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