Imran Khan’s Speech as Prime Minister Elect gives hope and glad tidings

The impossible happened in Pakistan on 25th July 2018. The mafia that had grasped Pakistan’s throat with its iron claws was defeated spectacularly. This is the first time Pakistanis have heard of any good news in 30+ years.

Imran Khan, chairman PTI, won majority seats in national assembly and came second in Punjab assembly, the country’s largest province by number of seats. PMLN – the Pakistani mafia’s party – was defeated and came in second in national assembly thanks still to the election fraud they could do.

Imran Khan speech as future Prime Minister wooed people all over the world being broadcasted live with translation and gave hope to the people of Pakistani for a better future. Pakistan is home to the world’s most corrupt politician alive today according to BBC News Hub and for 30 years, the prime minister of Pakistan, Godfather of Pakistani Mafia Nawaz Sharif.  It took Imran Khan 22 years to fight this mafia and put an end to their oppression, his speech on July 26 gives the message that good trumps evil in the end and even someone as powerful as Godfather Nawaz Sharif can be defeated.

Imran Khan FIRST press conference 26th July 2018 | BOL News


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