Pakistan economy to get worse, dollar depreciation continues

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise but it’s still quite alarming. Just look at what Arshad Sharif – the renowned journalist who exposed Nawaz Sharifs London properties and deeds – has to say.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the open market and dollar is already trading at an all time high, hinting at incoming devaluation of rupees further.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hoard dollars or hold on to your money in other countries for a little while until the rupees depreciates to its value that IMF wants Pakistan to devalue to.

Just don’t let anyone know about it since it has become a crime in Naya Pakistan to hold on to dollars and save yourself from the devaluation of rupees – Thanks Imran Khan and Naya Pakistan.

Remember this?

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– Imran Khan at a protest against inflation in his opposition days.

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