Shehbaz Sharif’s Punjab healthcare exposed – A man dies in front of TV Anchor

Shehbaz Sharif – the brother of Godfather Nawaz Sharif has been known to make ridiculous claims and lies about how he has changed the Punjab and one of the lies is about the healthcare. In the video below, you will see how a man dies in front of TV anchor because there was not a single doctor present in the whole hospital to give first-aid to the man who just had a heart attack.

Keep in mind that Shehbaz Sharif claims to have made hundreds of hospitals across Punjab (none of which is good enough for their treatment) – well you can see what the condition of those hospitals are, that is the ones that are actually truly made and not lies. The Sharif brothers are known for their blatant lies so out of the hundred hospitals made, they probably made 0 new hospitals.

Watch how the TV anchor loses it and curses the crook of Punjab – something every poor Pakistan does everyday.

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